Resident Evil Afterlife uscita anticipata!!!(?)

Breaking News: "Resident Evil Afterlife" dovrebbe uscire il 10 settembre 2010!!

Uso il condizionale visto che questa é la terza volta che viene spostata la data di uscita, prevista sino a ieri al 14 gennaio 2011.

Dal sito Shocktillyoudrop:

Resident Evil: Afterlife back to 2010?

Resident Evil: Afterlife Back to 2010?

Source: Shock Till You Drop January 11, 2010

A few months back, we reported that Paul Anderson's Resident Evil: Afterlife was moved back to January 2011 in order to give the director more time for the computer process needed to release the movie in 3D. (You can read those original stories here and here.)

At the time, actress Milla Jovovich, who has played Alice in all four movies, claimed on her Twitter feed that the release date change wasn't definite. The move also would have put the fourth installment up against MGM's own 3D horror flick Cabin in the Woods, forcing them to split digital 3D screens. It looks like Anderson won't be needing that extra time for the FX and 3D after all, as ShockTillYouDrop has learned that things are back on track for Resident Evil: Afterlife to be released not on September 24 as originally slated, but two weeks earlier on September 10!

The September release will continue the "Resident Evil" tradition as both of the last two installments of the franchise were released in the month to solid success.