Shawn Roberts parla del ruolo di Wesker in "Resident Evil Afterlife"

Dall'indispensabile Shocktillyoudrop una mini-intervista dell'attore Shawn Roberts, il nuovo Wesker, in "Resident Evil Afterlife"

Shocktillyoudrop: Shanw Roberts talks Wesker

"I play Albert Wesker who is head of the Umbrella Corporation who is responsible for the outbreak of the T-virus, or the Uroboros virus," he told us, hinting that this entry may be extracting elements from Resident Evil 5. "It was nice to be in a position of sitting back playing with my puppets as they were. We finished in December and I guess right now it's just about making sure the technology gets into the screen so 3-D can happen."

Written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, and of course starring Milla Jovovich as Alice, Roberts says, "The storyline goes on its own [in terms of its faithfulness to the game]. We made sure we brought elements in. The wardrobe is very similar and as close as we could get it. We have some fight scenes that are taken directly from the game. We're doing it for the fans so we want to do what makes them happy. The dogs come back. They're my pets which is cool."

"My character is such a favorite character in the games," he adds, "so I'm just like 'alright I don't want to piss anyone off.' You make it the best you can. The key thing is that it was fun. I would walk onto set and not even have my wardrobe, but wardrobe comes over and they hand me my gloves and give me my jacket. It just sort of takes shape. I'm a fan and I'm not disappointed."

Il ragazzo si é divertito come un bambino a sentirlo, non si sbottona troppo e dice cose che più o meno si conoscono.....tornano i cani-zombi(c'era da dubitarlo?) e i combattimenti sono ripresi dal videogame(Resident Evil 5). Insomma sembra che questa volta hanno dato un occhio di riguardo ai fans del videogame, vedremo.


Joe80 ha detto…
anderson si sara fatto ore intere di resident evil 5 su console!
Le carte in regola per un bel film ci sono tutte, se si giocano bene la carta di wesker possono sfornare un villain memorabile, alla base pare tutto perfetto, sembra di esser tornati ai tempi d'attesa del primo film...

per mo sono prossimo a dare la mia benedizione, ma se esce una ciofeca prevedo un nuovo braccio di ferro virtuale con sciamano...
se ci stai possiamo anche scommette a soldi! :D
Sciamano ha detto…
Ho pure fatto un esce fuori una sola, cosa impossibile(!!), spacco tutto...:D